Compleetbox core business

Compleetbox is the global innovator in internet television and other customer media communication solutions. We combine state of the art ICT solutions with  advanced social sciences and economic sciences and mix them up to develop products and services to add value to the life of our customers in a sustainable way. We are a media hub for content owners and develop our own exclusive content for our customers.

What is different than the rest

Compleetbox is different than other television solutions because we offer National and International high quality internet television for people that are not satisfied with the channels and quality of their current television provider. Nowadays people receive and pay for television channels that they don’t consume because they don’t have a choice.

Compleetbox philosophy

We believe that content is not enough to be king. Relevant content is king! Our customers can choose in a range of hundreds of internet TV channels in multiple international languages what channels to consume in the most cost effective way for the customer. They can reject television channels they don’t like or channels with languages they do not understand or interested in.

We offer

  • Internet television as an alternative for global satellite television and local television content
  • Interactive Crossmedia online en offline tailored solutions
  • Production of exclusive content for special target groups
  • Marketing communication research and development consultancy